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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Mindful Eating Project v 2.0

A few years ago, I saw this show on TV called "I Can Make You Thin". The title, I thought, was bogus, but it was what they had to use in order to get people to watch the show, I guess. People just wanna be thin, right?

The host of the show was a British guy by the name of Paul McKenna, author and hypnotherapist, and he had these guidelines that would help you control your eating and lose weight. You can read more about Paul McKenna here. His guidelines were quite simple. They said to eat when hungry, eat what you really want, enjoy every mouthful, and stop when you are full. I tried it. I think I even ordered some CD's that had relaxation audio to listen to at bedtime to "re-program your brain". It sounds silly, but the fact is, it works. Shortly thereafter, I found a book called Intutitive Eating. It has a very similar approach to weight loss as ICMYT, but goes much deeper into developing a healthy relationship with food and stop dieting, once and for all. I am embarking on a new Mindful Eating project of my own right now - lately, I have been eating quite mindlessly and I feel it - and it shows as well. I haven't been feeling comfortable. Through Mindful Eating in the past, I did discover several foods that I am sensitive to and should avoid eating (wheat and dairy for example), but I do seem to have a hard time staying away from those things. I have decided to reset my mind and go back to the basics for now. I am keeping a food diary - sometimes, when eating this way, you really feel like you do nothing bu eat all day long, but if you write everything down, you'll realize at the end of the day that your food intake was quite normal, and probably less than you usually eat. It can be quite the eye-opener. I need one of those right now!