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Monday, September 15, 2014

A Misadventure, Indeed.

I fell.

And I couldn't get up.

Earlier this week, we had a blizzard - I would say it was unexpected, but it IS Calgary after all, I suppose no weather condition is entirely unexpected here. It snowed for two days, heavy, wet snow, that caused falling tree branches and power outages, and all sorts of traffic stupidity.

I had been doing so well. I was in my second month of PiYo and really starting to see and feel results. Getting more flexible, seeing muscle tone in my arms and legs. It's my soulmate workout. I love it.

Tuesday morning, I brought the dogs outside to do their business at about 5:15. It was pretty cold at that time, snow wasn't sticking to the roads, but it was icy, and plenty of snow on the lawns. Hard, frozen snow.

A word about my furchildren: I have Juno, who is a 3-year-old Husky/ Shepherd mix, a feisty, stubborn and goofy girl who kind of doesn't give a hoot what you think. Then there is Zeke, who is 1.5, a lab/ collie/ shepherd mix - a loving sweetheart with separation anxiety who just loves to be near us, and chews on everything. They both like people, they're both awesome with kids, but they're NOT always great with other dogs. They don't like other dogs walking down our street (wild barking ensues) and while out for walks, they sometimes lunge at other dogs and Juno has gotten into some fights at the dog park.

Anyway, it was 5:15 in the morning, we were outside, I was in my robe and slip-on shoes as I always take the dogs out right after I have my shower. Lately, this woman has been walking by the house with her little dog around this time, and I usually keep an eye out for her, and if I see her coming, I distract my dogs so there won't be any early-morning barking that wakes up the entire neighbourhood.

Well, this morning, I didn't see her. I leashed the dogs, opened the gate, and there she was with her dog, right across the street - I didn't have time to brace myself and both Juno and Zeke lunged. I slid after them, tried to grab onto my car for support (didn't work), fell down on my knees and slid on my knees on the icy asphalt, then they pulled again and I fell forward and was dragged a couple of feet on my chest. Jeez. They sort of stopped when they noticed I had fallen down, but of course now the woman and her dog had stopped to make sure I was OK. I was sitting on the ground trying to collect my dogs, and she asked if I was OK. Juno and Zeke kept barking at her, although they had stopped pulling at that point. "I would come and help you", she said, "but I don't know if I can bring my dog over". I told her I was OK and that I wouldn't have come out had I seen her coming. She apologized and then she just stood there. I sat on the ground. She stood there and kept saying she was sorry. I finally had to tell her, "it's not your fault, but can you please keep walking so they will calm down?". She finally moved on and I was able to bring my two jerks inside the house to survey the damage.

I scraped my left knee pretty badly, as well as my right hand. My arm is bruised and I feel generally banged up. I haven't been able to work out all week and I FEEL it. Once I am able to use this knee again, I will probably have to go back a couple of weeks in my workout schedule to get myself back on track again!

While I'm sure this might have been hilariosu to watch (seriously, I'm just thankful my robe didn't open!), I was slightly embarrassed at the time. And very few things embarrass me!

In other news, I need obedience classes for my dogs! :)